Epanet for ipad and iphone

If you have an iphone or ipad tablet, you can take EPANET on your mobile device. The app is available at the Apple store at the following link:Epanet for iphone and ipad tablet

In this version you can load the EPANET file (from an email or passing with itunes) execute it, and display the results of calculation of the hydraulic network.

New ios and android mobile apps

We've got new ios and android apps in itunes and google play. The links follow

Hydraulic engineering apps for iphones and ipad

Android Civil and mechanical engineering apps

Among the apps are one for calculating head losses in piping, including calculation in fittings and valves, another for calculation of pumping total dynamic head and other for determining diameter and slope of a section of sewer.

Watdis Mobile

Fully compatible with epanet. Watdis mobile is a pipe network modelling and calculation app, that runs on android phones and tablets.

Link in google play android store Watdis Mobile

WatDis Desktop compatible, with native .WTDM format, that run steady state and extended period simulations on android phones.

Want to try it. Use a simulator with a sample network here or watch a youtube video