WatDis is an application for modeling of hydraulic networks. It has a comfortable graphical user interface that allows you to draw the network without having to resort to other tools. WatDis allows modeling a wide range of hydraulic components from the basic components of a network as pipes, reservoirs and consumer nodes to more sophisticated elements such as pumps, pumping stations, and various types of valves. 


Among the most striking features of WatDis are:


Modeling of pumps. Modeling of HQ polynomial curves from three points.

Modeling pumping stations. Very versatile object that may include pumps with different characteristics.

Modeling of time patterns for extended period simulation.

Modeling H-V curves for tank description.

Modeling pipes using different loss formulas: Hazen-Williams, Darcy-Weisbach, Chezy-Manning.

Hydraulic Analysis

Steady state analysis.

Extended period simulation.

Validation of the network against errors.

Easy assignment of water demands

Demands control center

Automatic assignment of water demands (thiessen polygons)

Compatibility with EPANET. WatDis import and export INP files

User Interface


Property Editor.

Finding Items in the network

Background image management.

Viewing the results of the extended period simulation step by step.

Other characteristics

Working with multiple units of measurement.

Editing catalogs.